Why Last.fm is Better than Pandora

I’ve been using Pandora Radio religiously for quite a while now. I’m not really INTO music like some people. I just listen to the radio in the car. I can’t tell you what song is playing when I’m listening to it. I can’t even recognize the artists of songs that I clearly know. That’s why Pandora was so perfect for me. I could feed it super basic info and it would usually please me with something new.

The other day, my brother introduced me to Last.fm. I had heard of it before, but didn’t really understand. I thought you had to pay for it or something and that just doesn’t work for me. Or millions of other people. But he told me it was free and that is has an iPhone app and so I checked it out.

Last.fm is infinitely better than Pandora. It does what Pandora does and then explodes that. It uses the same concept as Pandora in that it will take what you like and create “stations” for you to listen to. It will recommend new music and play music it knows you already like. There is a heart button and a dislike button so you can control what you like.

Here’s where it gets better, though. Once you have listened to songs, you can GO BACK and LISTEN AGAIN. You don’t have to hope that it comes on again. Everything you listen to gets saved in your library. If you like an artist, you can listen to their album. Last.fm gives you news, tour dates and all sorts of fun stuff that Pandora doesn’t have.

The site is not only a place to listen to music, but it’s being called “The Social Music Revolution.” Why? You can “friend” people on Last.fm just as you would on Facebook. The site will then tell you your music compatibility. Kinda cool. You can listen to your friends’ libraries or just get ideas from them for good music.

In my opinion, all these features make Last.fm so much better than Pandora. The added features make it super sophisticated, but it isn’t difficult to navigate and if all you want is the easy features from Pandora, you can do that with Last.fm too. Pandora is still cool, but Last.fm may be taking the point on this one.


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